Adopting an Abundance Mindset

Have you ever gone out to eat and had a wonderful time with friends, family, or co-workers only to feel sick to your stomach when the bill comes and you look at the grand total?

What happened? You were having an amazing, care-free time and then all of a sudden the blood drained from your face and your stomach took a nose dive! It’s a terrible feeling and one I want you to be able to turn around.

The human brain is wired for survival. Its main purpose is to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. Because it is always on the lookout for things that could potentially hurt you, it tends to magnify anything it views as risky, potentially dangerous, scary, or painful.

So, even though you were having a great time eating out, when the bill arrived your brain went into survival mode and sent a huge red flag out to your emotions and body sending you reeling and into high alert.

But, you have the power to change all of that! You can embrace an abundance mindset and change the course of those events. Instead of letting the panic set in engulfing your mind and body, you can instantly start seeing the situation in a different light.

The second you feel your stomach start to drop or the blood draining from your face, flick your wrist. Yes, flick your wrist! This will instantly change your focus. Then start focusing on what you’re grateful in that moment. What you appreciated about the meal you just had.

Quietly and lovingly in your mind state positives about the time you had:

  • I had a really nice time with ______________.
  • I made _____________ feel really good and that feels wonderful!
  • I deserve a nice time out!
  • I created beautiful memories.
  • I strengthened my relationship with ________________.
  • I’m fine and I can do this!

You get the idea!

“Like” attracts “like” and the more positive feelings and thoughts you create the more positive things you will draw into your life. Emitting negative emotions and thoughts of fear and scarcity will only draw more of those things into your life. So enjoy the good things in life and keep up those abundant thoughts!

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How to Adopt an Abundance Mindset